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we create animations: STUDIO MIR

Communicating with the world through animation
Big Fish and Begonia Over 5,000 Screens Release in the opening week in China, funded by Chinese Top Distributor.The story follows a girl named Chun, who on her 16th birthday is turned into a dolphin so she can explore the human world. During her journey, she is saved by a human, and to bring him back to life she must protect and nurture his soul, which has taken on the form of a tiny fish. view more
Youngest Visitors to Studio Mir! We recently had our youngest visitors to our studio!These adorable kids, 5th grade in Gulpo elementary school, visited us for a job search program/fie.. more
Voltron Season 3 Review: Legendary Defender Opens Up It..  The animation and action is not only top notch once again this season but.. more